Best Offers

February offers

Offer for 2 person

Hosomaki Mix Box Bento

9490 Ft instead of 11880 Ft

2 pcs Miso soup

2 x 850 Ft

Miso with tofu or ebi or salmon


Hosomaki mix box - 56 pcs

7990 Ft

8 pcs salmon-cucumber, tuna-avocado, surimi, avocado, cucumber, japanese calabash-japanese radish, japanese omelette


Japanese fruit mochi

2190 Ft

6 pcs

Famous dessert

Sushi offer for 2 person

Senbazuru sushi combo box

13990 Ft instead of 17880 Ft

2 pcs Miso soup

2 x 850 Ft

Miso with tofu or ebi or salmon


Ebi tempura with salads


6 pcs ebi tempura with salads


44 pcs mix sushi

13590 Ft

2 pcs ebi nigiri, 2 pcs sake nigiri, 2 pcs tuna nigiri, 12 pcs Senbazuru extra big tempura sake-tuna maki, 10 pcs yarsai futo maki, 8 pcs sake I.O maki, 8 pcs kappa maki

Sushi box

Vietnamese cuisine lover

Traditional Vietnamese Dishes

3490 Ft instead of 4080 Ft

Small pho soup with chicken

1290 Ft

Pho Hanoi


Fried spring rolls with noodle

1890 Ft

Pork, rice noodle, salads with fish sauce

Main course

Fried banana

890 Ft

Senbazuru fried banana


Senbazuru desserts

Our Special Fried Desserts

2490 Ft instead of 3080 Ft

Senbazuru fried banana

890 Ft

Fried banana with honey

Best seller


2190 Ft

6 pcs

Special dessert


Be The Winner

Are you a real sushi fan?🍥🍱 Then we have great news: you can win a FUJI MIX 40 pcs SUSHI BOX in December! Or you can get a 2000 Ft a la carte order weekly.

What do you have to do? 🍚 Visit us and make a selfie with your favorite Senbazuru meal!

Then send us the photo by email to or check in at our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. That’s it, you are in the game for one of our weekly prizes or even our grand prize!🍱🍥

Weekly prize: 2000 Ft a la carte order And the grand prize is a FUJI MIX 40 pcs SUSHI BOX!🍱 

Draw: December 31, 2020


2000 Ft


Draw: each Sunday evening

2000 Ft A LA CARTE

For both drinks & foods


9 900 Ft

value sushi box

Draw: December 31, 2020

Fuji Mix Sushi Box

contain 40 pcs mix sushi